Holiwell has a selection of cattle

available for sale. 


Holiwell Lowline Cattle Stud  was established since May, 2001.  

Located in the south west corner of Western Australia between the coast and the small town of Northcliffe.  Situated in a high annual rainfall area of approximately 1200mm, the 88 ha (230 acre) property is primarily used for beef production.  In conjunction to the Lowline herd, commercial Angus and Murray Grey females are joined to Lowline and Lowline cross bulls.  In addition to the home block, lease land is also used to run cattle.


Meerup inland sand dunes



 Limestone cliffs, D'Entrecasteaux National Park


Holiwell held membership with The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) from 2001 untill 2010.  All registered cattle are DNA typed and parent verified prior to acceptance into the ALCA Herd Book.

Holiwell Lowlines is now being run as a "commercial enterprise" offering for sale throughout the year are a selection of commercial animals, semen and embrios as well as selected bulls for lease.  All animals have been bred from the original Holiwell Stud Herd comprising of Registered animals. 



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