Holiwell bred bulls and stud Sires used.


Holiwell  Mason

Holiwell Mason   RAP X006   21 June 2002   B/wt: 20kg

Dam:   Appertarra Tarnie BLD T020

Sire:    Appertarra Randy BLD R005


photo 2005 Perth Royal at 39 months

Weight: 554kg   EMA: 95sq cm   P8: 5mm   Rib: 3mm

Mature weight: 590kg   Height:  cm       Scr: 41cm

Senior and Grand Champion Bull ~ 2005 Perth Royal Show

Senior and Grand Champion Bull ~ 2006 Perth Royal Show

Temperament is faultless.  Structurally correct with a wide clean cut head, ideal eye hooding and clean sheath.


Busta Groove


Holiwell Busta Groove   RAP B048   19 Nov 2006   B/wt: 21kg

Dam:   Yealeringa GX6 Y061

Sire:    Holiwell Mason RAP X006

34 months   Weight: 455 kg   EMA: 74sq cm   P8: 4mm 

Mature weight: kg   Height:   cm      Scr:  cm

Senior and Grand Champion Bull ~ 2009 Perth Royal Show



Aztec Knight

Holiwell Aztec Knight   RAP A026   25 July 2005   B/wt: 26kg  SEMEN AVAILABLE

Dam:   Appertarra Stinky BLD S011

Sire:    Holiwell Milo RAP X008

14 months Weight: 322kg   EMA: 60   P8: 5mm   Rib: 3mm

Mature weight:   Height: 110cm   Scr:

2nd place Junior Bull ~ 2006 Perth Royal Show


Holiwell Augustus   RAP A031   30 Sept 2005   B/wt: 28kg

Dam:   Holiwell My Josephine RAP X001

Sire:     Holiwell Major RAP X004



Holiwell Hendrix   RAP Y012   28 July 2003   B/wt: 22kg

Dam:   Appertarra Sylvia BLD S014

Sire:   The Glebe Merlin JEN P001

Mature weight: 580kg   Height: 120cm   Scr: 40cm


Mbiramunda Zebambo


Mbiramunda Zebambo   TJT Z001   24 Sept 2004

Dam:   Appertarra Ulla BLD U028

Sire:   Harcourt Royal Admiral (AI) HAR W001


Black Douglass  


Holiwell Black Douglass   RAP B034   22 July 2006   B/wt: 27kg

Dam:   Holiwell Kiara RAP Y009

Sire:   Holiwell Milo RAP X008


Full brother to Apache Lass.



Doctor Pepper

Holiwell Doctor Pepper   RAP D067   21 March 2008   B/wt: 30kg

Dam:   Appertarra Umoo BLD U033

Sire:   Holiwell Hendrix RAP Y012





 Holiwell Earnest Lad   RAP E084   6 May 2009   B/wt: 18kg

Dam:   Holiwell Apachy Lass   RAP A022

Sire:   Holiwell Augustus   RAP A031




 Holiwell Everest   RAP E087   8 June 2009   B/wt: 19kg

Dam:   Holiwell Angel Mist   RAP A030

Sire:   Holiwell Augustus   RAP A031





 Holiwell Exposay   RAP E088   13 June 2009   B/wt: 20kg

Dam:   Holiwell Black Diamond RAP B038

Sire:   Mbiramunda Zebambo TJT Z001






Holiwell Armarda   RAP A027   29 July 2005   B/wt: 22kg

Dam:   Appertarra Tammy BLD T018

Sire:   Holiwell Milo RAP X008





Holiwell Archie Mac   RAP A029   16 Aug 2005   B/wt: 25kg

Dam:   Holiwell Natasha RAP Y015

Sire:   Holiwell Major RAP X004

13 months   Weight: 283kg   EMA: 52   P8:5mm   Rib: 4mm

Mature weight:          Height: 110cm




Holiwell Minni Cooper   RAP Y021   9 Nov 2004   B/wt: 16kg

Dam:   Holiwell Mignion RAP X007

Sire:   Holiwell Milo RAP X008

Mature wt: 390kg   Height: 104cm   Scr: 38cm